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Dermaplaning is an exfoliation of the epidermis, which is the outermost layer of the skin. The skin is properly cleansed to prevent contamination, and spread of bacteria from entering the exposed pores. A sterile, surgical scalpel gently glides over the skin at a 45 degree angle, removing a microscopic layer of skin, dead skin cells, and vellus hair (also known by most as peach fuzz). This treatment effectively removes dead skin cells and the hair follicles that are clogging, and trapping the excess oil in the skin.  If the dead skin cells and excessive oil are not removed, this can not only cause pimples, but also prevent your skincare products from penetrating the skin. 

You will notice a difference in your skin’s texture and tone immediately! This treatment so helps brightens complexions, allows make up to look smoother, and leaves your skin SO soft. 

For the best results, dermaplaning is best performed by a medical aesthetician. This treatment only takes about 30-45 minutes, with no downtime. This means you can come in between your lunch, running kids to their after school activities, or about anything else. 

Myth Buster

A myth that often floats around about dermaplaning is that your hair grows back thicker, and darker. IT DOESN’T. This is genetically not possible. The reason why you should receive this treatment on a monthly basis is because of the hair follicle cycle. Hair grows in three stages : anagen, catagen and telogen.  Each strand of hair is at its own stage of development.  Once the hair cycle goes through the active growth phase, active shedding, and then the resting phase— the cycle is complete. Then the hair cycle restarts and a new strand of hair begins to form.  

Why not just use the Tinkle product?  

I’ve had a few clients come in and tell me they don’t like dermaplaning, because when they do their own at home, they get ingrown hairs, and breaks out. Well, the Tinkle is an at home, female facial razor, and I don’t recommend this product for several reasons. To start off, the tool is not kept sterile. The face is generally not sterilized and/or prepped properly. The tool is not a scalpel. It is very difficult to achieve a 45 degree angle on yourself, therefore, chances are you will only remove the vellus hair.  The lack of exfoliation of the layer of dead skin cells is essential and why it is best to have this treatment performed by a medical aesthetician. Lastly, breakouts occur regularly with this Tinkle razor due to, the improper angle achieved by doing it yourself and the bacteria being pushed and caught up in the exposed pores.  

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