This CDC website gives several scenarios as to when you can safely be around others after having COVID-19 or had an exposure to COVID-19.  This website will help you know when and how long to quarantine in different situations.,last%20exposure%20to%20that%20person.

Shoud an employer require a doctor's note to return to work after having COVID-19 or having been in quarantine?

Here is the reply to this question by

"No. Employers should not require a COVID-19 test result, a doctor’s note, or a note from the health department for employees who are sick to prove they are ill, qualify for sick leave, or to return to work. This places a burden on the healthcare and public health systems. 

Sometimes people will test positive after they are no longer infectious. It is not necessary for employees to have a negative COVID-19 test result after public health has told them they can end quarantine or isolation.

If an employee has been told by a public health worker that he or she can end isolation and is feeling well, there is no reason to stay home from work."



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